CZ           The town Slatinany


25.1. 2005
Slatinany is situated along both banks of the river Chrudimka, 265 meters above the sea level, about four kilometers from the town Chrudim. The first written documents about the town come from 1294. The town reached its complete prosperity when both the manor and the castle were owned by the princely family Auersperg. Slatinany was promoted to municipal status on 1st July 1971. At the present time, the town’s population, with its suburbs -Skrovad, Kunci, Trpisov and Kochanovice, is about 4.000 inhabitants.

The Castle After the World War II, a hippo logical museum was established in the castle. The museum documents the horses’ evolution since its inception, 55 million years ago, till the present.

The castle’s park
The Park An English-style park is situated just next to the castle. It was founded at the beginning of the 19th century and contains a rare collection of wood species.

The Stud The Slatinany stud devotes itself to breeding Kladrubien black horses, the only oldest Czech breed used for ceremonial and charioteers’ competitions.

St. Martin’s church
St. Martin’s church The church, after a few architectural changes during its history, is pseudo-gothic, designed and built by Frantisek Schmoranz from Slatinany. The church underwent a general reconstruction in 1996.

The cats castle
The cats castle A miniature of a walled castle in Slatinany’s castle’s forest-park - a place popular with children and tourists.

Convent The monastery was founded in 1882 by the school-sisters of the Franciscan Order. During its history the building was used for various purposes, for example as a school, nursery school, military hospital, orphanage, and a council school for girls. Today, the monastery together with its extension are used as a social care institution for youth, where about three hundred mentally handicapped children live.
Town hall
Town Hall Originally a dwelling house built in 1895 by Jan Schmoranz, later used as an office and today the seat of the municipal council. The municipal library and town information center are also placed within this building.

Jaroslav Vrchlicky’ s knoll
Jaroslav Vrchlicky In the middle of a cherry orchard on a little rockery, a memorial tablet made by O. Spaniel commemorates the poet’s repeated stay in Slatinany between 1890 and 1909.

Plague The Plague was built by Jaroslav Puchart in 1683 to commemorate the plague raging around Chrudim that time.

Slatinany Kunci
Kunci The first mention of the Kunse’s court comes from 1512. Today it is a farming area with two fish-ponds.

Slatinany Trpisov
Trpisov Trpisov was first mentioned in 1371 and is located in the Natural wildlife reserve the Iron Mountains. There is a deer park of Slavice near this village. Also, the pond Bousovka, protected by law with rare and endangered plants, and a mighty aged oak can be found at the eastern edge of the village.

Slatinany Skrovad
Skrovad First mentioned in 1417. Originally quarries for sandstone breaking. Today the deserted sand-pits are sought as a rock climbing area.

Kochanovice A system of four fish-ponds with rare plants and trees situated in the Natural wildlife reserve the Iron Mountains.

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